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  1. thanks, i have now got it to work, what you said did do the trick
  2. Kali 2018.1, BTW
  3. Linux, I knew i forgot to mention at least 1 thing
  4. I am new to the wifi pineapple and while setting it up, i found i could not share the internet. I am using the wp6.sh script at v6.5. I want to share my eth0 to the wifi pineapple either through eth1 (pineapple USB) or wlan0 (connected to management AP) any help would be appreciated, thanks.
  5. Harripc

    Drive letter

    I have a problem, the Bash Bunny changes drive letters on my system and I can't be sure of what it is. I am using it for a Ducky Script which types in a USB Mass Storage address to run a batch file. Can anyone tell me how to find the drive letter of the Bash Bunny in the payload.txt file Thanks
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