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Management AP VS Android 7.1.1


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Hey guys,

Is anyone else having troubles with the management AP on their Android phones?
Scenario: I boot up the Pineapple. I connect my phone (for the first time) to the wireless AP (management). It connects then tells me there's no internet and if I wanna stay connected. I say yes. It issues me an IP address and everything is all hunky dory.
I then disconnect from that AP for whatever reason (eg I turn off the Pineapple, or I connect to another AP for internet). I come back to the management AP- No IP address assigned. I cannot access anything, no control panel, no nothing. Properties in my WiFi settings shows no IP and no gateway.
If I were to restart the Pineapple, or turn off my wifi and back on, the same issue persists. However if I, on my phone, FORGET the AP then reconnect to it again (typing in the password, accepting that there's no internet access, etc), it'll work again.


Anyone else having related problems?

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I have the problem that I have to shut my wifi off on my phone if I disconnect and the Management AP will not show up.  I turn my wifi off and then back on and everything works again.  I have the same problem if I disconnect from the Management AP and go to say my wifi connection.  I have a nexus 6p with the latest 7.1.1

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