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Bass lights


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Ok so I have a home sound system with no specified sub output. I already know that with the system I have the speaker outputs cover all frequincys bass, mid, and treble. The issue is I want to hook up bass lights that only run off the base and not the rest but only have a sub from a home surround system for a speaker how should I hook it up to where the lights are only activated by the bass and no other sounds.

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You might want to look into this: http://www.instructables.com/id/Sound-Reactive-LED-strip/


I used to have some sound reactive lights in my old car, but it was an all in one light bar that reacted to the speaks audio, and mounted under the seats. car had a bass cannon, and would set the LED lights off, single color of red, but you can probably program an arduino, to even change the colors on LED strips.

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