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Raspberry pi car stereo


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hey guys i want to get your opinion

i want a touch screen dash like most of the newer vehicles out there  i drive a 2002  chevy tahoe   and it has a din and a half stereo

i want to find a touch screen that will fit in the dash without modification lol no grinding  the screen needs to be hdmi or run off gpio it just has to work

with raspberry pi  thats the first issue  " the screen display and i absolutly want touch screen "  no keyboard / mouse lol second issue im trying to figure out is fm reciever

for the raspberry pi  i'd like for it to use the factory antenna jack  standard on all stereos  and third issue is if i take up all the space in the dash with the screen i want to access the usb ports

i can get a usb extention cable but i donk know where i could mount it lol   ....guys just please comment  and if u all come accross something that u  think will work 4 me please  send me the links    as always thanks in advance   i appreciate each and every one of you    thanks for being here  : )

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