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Pineapple possibilities


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so I got my Wifi Pineapple, and everything works now, people connect to me, I can see a few things depending on which modules I active, and I'm happy about that.
But here are some questions about possibilities. What else can you do? What can you do with people connecting to your device? And these are very general questions without any bad intentions in mind, I'm just curious. I was able to catch a few search requests and urls, but that's about it so far.
Since most people use mobile devices that have their passwords saved you can't really catch any login data, or am I wrong? That seems to be more for people who use laptops but even then, they usually have the passwords saved.

What about reverse shells? Can you inject them to devices that are connected to your pineapple? Is there such a thing as a keylogger for it? Or anything where you can catch messages that the devices send and or receive (iMessage, email or whatsapp)? SSL Strip doesn't really seem to work either, my browser instantly warned me that it's unsafe.
I want to learn as much as possible about this. 

Questions questions questions :) I hope to get some answers here, thank you.

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Watch some of sudonick's and newbi's videos that show you how to use some of the modules they have created and im sure you will find what your looking for.  There are many things you can do with the pineapple, its about understanding the platform and what its limitations are.  Its basically just an openwrt router if you have ever messed around with one.  I personally made an openwrt router with a raspberry pi to learn more about the pineapple.

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