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Pineapple Nano and Android


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1 hour ago, nothingness said:


I'm thinking about ordering a Pineapple, and was just wondering if I run the Pineapple with an android phone, do I have the same functions as I do when running it with a computer?


Any phone with a WiFi chipset, Web Browser and SSH client can use the pineapple to the fullest.

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Hey, so I have my nano now, I set it up with usb tethering to my android phone using the phones data, my pineapple has a connection to the internet and I can also connect to the open AP that I created with my pineapple from other devices, so that's good. 

However, I activated Beacon Response and allow associations but if I choose one of the other networks that my pineapple now "emulates" I can't connect to them, any idea why?

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2 hours ago, nothingness said:

Also in a lot of the tutorials I see a tool named Karma, but I guess that's gone now?

Karma is the "Allow Associations" in the PineAP module. Karma has been somewhat replaced by the PineAP suite.

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