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run .exe or .jar file with php


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Hello i want to know if possible with php to run remotely exe file or jar file ...for example victim is hosting windows 7 ,he or she clicks on link and its executing exe (jar) file  in victims system(exe file hosted not in victims system).... that is possible?

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This would require the web-server to be running on the victims computes.
PHP-code is only executed on the server which is running the http-server.

If i open my browser, point it to a website with some php-code which uses the exec() function, that exec() function would not be run on my computers, but on the server.
So for instance, if the php-code contains malware, it would then infect the server.

At best you could get the php script to offer the client a .exe-file, but the same can be accomplished with normal html.

I hope this answers your question.

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