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  1. Hello can you please help me, i have installed Kali linux 2018.1 on my USB with 16 GB sd card , so it is working but there is no installed Broadcom driver ... now i have tried everything : here : http://www.chokepoint.net/2014/04/installing-broadcom-bcm43142-drivers-on.html here : https://gist.github.com/torresashjian/7a89ee428d47ff747b3114b0d686de0a but still nothing it gives me always same error : modprobe: ERROR: could not insert 'wl': Unknown symbol in module, or unknown parameter (see dmesg) can someone help me to install it
  2. can yo tell me is there payload that connects to single ip adress (The Host) until Host accepts connection? so for example my ip address is (HOST) and i create payload in python and run it on windows machine plus create service to run script evere time on windows start up,so is there possible to create payload that will install to windows machine so it will connect to ip adress until the Host accepts connection there is no such payload?
  3. found this http://seecreen.com/ teamviewer java version ,is there possible to use the same technology but have only to cmd access ,it will be practicly the same like ssh
  4. i need portforwarding for SSH access on wan,i dont want to use software like Teamviewer ......... SSh is perfect tool but i cant portforward so i can reach it in WAN,and thats it?i cant do anythig if i dont know password to my router? i have a DSL connection by the way
  5. so there is no way to portforward without access ,i guess that router has disable upnp function thats why i cant portforward with miniupnp
  6. non of that was working i tyed many things((( ,but how skype,or utorrent is working,so they have access to portforward without router
  7. Hello i am using Windows 7 and i need to portforward several ports,but dont have no access to router username and password,so is there methods to do it without router,i have tried miniupnp it is not working giving me an errors ,so is there possibility to do it without router or miniupnp?
  8. so if will create a bind shell it will be alive until i connect to it yes?and for a bind shell i need to know public ip adress to work over the wan yes?
  9. Hello , today i saw on youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5jqaBgLxS_M python crypter ,if i generate meterpreter.py with this crypter and run it with some powershell scrpit i can run that meterpreter.py every time on windows startup but session will expire if the host will not be turned on for example yes(if with this moment i am not using computer that runs kali linux it is turned off)? how can i do to when i run meterpreter.py that session will not be lost until it connects to host ,so session never expires that is possible?if yes can yo give clue to do it?
  10. i have download it again unzip it copy it in usr/share/themes folder Blackout -GTk is the theme and blackout GS is gnome shell theme,but steal nothing ((((
  11. oh i did it before but look there is nothing empty plus i cant change background here is the picture
  12. hello ,please can anyone help me to install that theme on kali linux https://www.gnome-look.org/p/1013444/ i have copied it on themes folder but steal not working ......
  13. Hello i want to know if possible with php to run remotely exe file or jar file ...for example victim is hosting windows 7 ,he or she clicks on link and its executing exe (jar) file in victims system(exe file hosted not in victims system).... that is possible?
  14. it will be undetectable but i need to know if meterpreter reverse tcp can crush something in windows so it need to be reinstalled ....
  15. port forwarding is not a problemm ,thanks for quick reply, can you tell me one more thing, how can i do to meterpreter session was calling back to host for 12-15 hours?is that possible? because by the default it is calling back for 15-20 minutes than dying .... and one more thing if i will configure that infected exe file take action on windows start up every day will it corrupt or crush windows work ,will windows normaly works like it works before?
  16. so you are saying register in dyn.com/dns create payload using hostname of dyn.com and thats it .... then it will redirect it to my ip address yes and when ip will change i will change records in dyn.com and it will automaticly redirects it to new ip address ? did i get write or wrong?
  17. Hello i have installed meterpreter payload on victims computer over the WAN ,now i want to know how to do so meterpreter was calling back to multiple ip, i have always deferent ip address ,using vps or public wifi .... so how to do so meterpreter calling back to ip address that i use now? is that possible? and one more when i install payload on victims machine it is calling me back perfectly ,but if i install another payload on deferent machine ,but that machine is located on the same network that was first victim will it call me back or it will conflict with first one?
  18. i dont want to hack someones PC i want to hack my Pc but from outside from my network,and i dont need payload,i want an exploit ,if there is one))
  19. hello can you tell me what is most common windows exploit to use remotely(WAN)? for all windows 7 8 or 10 ? maybe need to install some vulnerable soft? can you help me?
  20. karencho


    so if i will portforward it will work?
  21. karencho


    Hello,can someone tell me if possible to run PSEXEC on WAN?
  22. i did some research ,so best options for that is a java i guess ,and i want to know is there possible to inject applet without any popup message if target have Java 8 running? maybe generate trusted certificate?
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