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Wireless Speed Tests


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I just got a Pineapple Nano in the mail yesterday.  I have to say that overall it is a great device.  I also bought the Mark V years ago.

One area of concern that I hope to get some feedback on is the wireless connectivity speeds.  

Using the Pineapple to attach via WIFI to another AP in order to use it's internet access.

I've ran some tests last night and this morning.  

Using wlan1 to connect to an AP that can acheive wireless speed tests of around 20Mbps from a laptop.

When using my pineapple as the conduit I am only achieving around 5Mbps up and down.  

I remember the Mark V having a defective card that caused slow speed issues.

I am wondering if others have experienced anything of this sort with their nano pineapple?  I'm using the latest firmware v1.1.3.

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I'm having the exact same issue along with the nano not connecting properly to supported wifi adapters. I opened up a ticket, but have yet to hear anything back on the issue. Hopefully someone will offer up some assistance on this soon.. Customer support seems to be non-existent.

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It's very odd how this works.  I've done quite a bit of research on this issue.

For some reason the nano, when being used to repeat a wireless network, is flaky with DNS.

Let's say I have an access point in my office building that delivers Internet.  I can connect with my laptop and surf away.

Now let's say I connect my nano to the same access point and use my laptop to connect to the nano instead of directly to the AP.

For some reason, DNS will work sometimes and other times not.

I have found a work around, but it is quite a hassle, also I don't remember this being a big deal with the MARK V.

The work around is to SSH to the NANO and edit the /etc/resolv.conf using vi.

Now put in additional nameservers that reflect working DNS servers.  Like "nameserver" for google. Or even "nameserver".

It really doesn't matter which DNS servers you use and you'll want to play around with these options to see what works.

It may also help to directly add a DNS to your wifi card's settings.  This is allowed in both Linux and Windows without affecting other DHCP settings.

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Thanks Gravity, that was a major help. Last night I got virtual box and went into resolv.conf to add a dns server. I was able to use my wifi card and connect to the internet, but for some reason, I was having difficulty getting the settings to save. I would reboot the device and go back in to find that the default was the only one listed. My speeds are now sitting around 10mbps which is at least 5mbps more than what I had before.. I'm not sure on how to go about adding a dns to my wifi card's settings though. 

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