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cryo mouse


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hey everyone..... first time poster.. long time reader kind of thing.. but I was wondering if you could offer some advice..

I'm a big noob and probably deserve a head shot for asking this question.. but i'm realllly having a tough time with the basics.. I seem completely out to lunch..

After watching the latest episode and seeing wess's little mouse mod... it brought up an itch i've been having for a long time.. Not down there.. more up on my head...... wait.. i'm digging a hole so i'll just get to the point..

been wanting to do this mouse mod for a looong time.. saw it on metku mods.. here's the link:


Now i've already started.. and have modded the mouse and put the double pane window sanding the window and looks really nice.. but it comes to soldering the bright Blue LED to the mouse.. I removed the old one and put a bright Blue Led in it's place.. I get nothing from it.. Here's the mouse board... The led on the far right is the blue one..


i'm sorry for the low quality images.. my digi cam sucks..

here's my question.. I get the impression that by now I should have used a resistor.. and the LED might be gone.. so I should probably remove it.. and use the USB connector thingy (located near the led in photo above)... But How..

I tried using the calculator on alan parekh's site.. but without knowing the correct values.. i'm lost at sea...


i guess from reading all the stuff that the mouse is USB and 5.5 volts aka supply voltage??

but whats voltage drop across LED.

whats would I want as a desired current in milliamps??

Do i need to buy hookup wire:


if so? do I only need to use only two ends?

I apologize again for all these questions.. but if you can point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated as well..

Thanks Again.


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The only suggestion I can offer, and keep in mind with this that I am by no means a modder, is that you possibly reversed the polarity on the LED?

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Voltage Drop across led is usually 3.3volts for most leds.

If you bought your BLUE led from alan's website then you will need a 68ohm resistor.

The hookup wire isnt a necisity just normal insulated copper wire will do.

Also just to clarify USB is 5volts.

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