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Burp bruteforce very slow


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I have follow step by step this documentation to make a bruteforce on a login page:


I use a 10,000 entries dictionary.

At first, brutefroce is very fast (4/5 request/second)

But as long as the bruteforce occurs, each request takes more and more time to reach the webserver...

I use 2 VirtualBox VM. My host is 8gb, 4gb is dedicated to a guest and 1gb to the other.

I would like to know it is normal ? Or is it attacker problem ? Webserver problem ? Host technical configuration problem ?


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19 hours ago, digininja said:

Free or pro version of burp?

I use the free version

6 minutes ago, Dec100 said:

I think Digininja has it. The free version is throttled, I believe.

I have read bruteforce is slower than the pro version, but here it appears slower and slower as the bruteforce occurs..

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On 25/10/2016 at 11:08 AM, digininja said:

Read up on your tools, intruder on the free one degrades more and more over time. You are seeing expected behaviour.

I didn't read it, thank, Burp normal behaviour so..

21 hours ago, i8igmac said:

Build the attack your self. Its a lot of fun to learn this stuff.. you can use curl or libs for perl,  python and ruby...


Learn why a firewall might ip ban you...

Yes I should..

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