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pinesniffer 2.0 command line - what are the type options?


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Took me awhile to figure this out but there is a new option of pinesniffer on the command line that causes my script to not run. Mainly because the previous version is so different. Just to clarify, I'm not blaming Pinesniffer or angry at it. SO, I ran pinesniffer from the gui and watched for processes, and saw that the the extra arguement was "0" for <scan_type>/ I've played around with 0 and 1, to me it looks like there is just more info. But does anyone know the full options of scan type available? I don't see any other threads here about it and what the outputs are? Is there any option to have the output come out like the previous versions showing  11:11:11:11:11:04:05:05:04:05 ? Just fishing to see if I have to rewrite my script for parsing the info I need.


All I am interested in, is getting the list of AP's and the associated clients.


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1 hour ago, sotiria said:

I see. I really miss the previous output, so I may just rollback to the previous firmware if parsing gives me too much of a headache.

The output is simple JSON and trivial to parse with python or php. Extraction of AP and Client data can be done in a simple loop. If your script is in bash, you might want to use a php one-line to parse the data. 


1 hour ago, sotiria said:

ANd yes, 3 wheat beers IS a meal :)

Of course :) 

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