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Hi there,
I’m looking for custom-designed server rack manufacturers. We are using Dell servers that are perfect with the current racks. But the issue is with the vibration and sound coming from the server rack. I’m confused to find a solution for this. The basement of the rack is perfect, I didn’t notice any issue with it. When I discussed with my friend, who is a network administrator, he recommended me to buy soundproof server cabinet. I found a server rack manufacturer ( http://www.bayviewmetals.com/sample-work/telecommunications-rack-mount-equipment/ ) fabricate custom racks as we need. Is there any problem for using custom racks? Or better to choose the OEM branded racks?


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My friend works with servers all the time, he had a simular problem a short while ago, we installed foam sheets around
the inside of the rack casing making sure to leave approptiate space for ventalation. It worked really well and customer was
happy with the solution.

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You put the servers in their own room with their own ac unit, then close the door.  The problem with soundproofed server racks is you need to provide cooling air.  Where's that air come from?  Usually the room they sit in, which defeats the sound proofing.  I have clients that have server rooms that are properly designed and you can't hear them with the door closed.  Then I have clients that think that old broom closet will work just fine, but after two or three hours all the servers shut down due to thermal events.  So now they have a half dozen servers in a closet with the door open and a box fan sitting in the door to blow hallway air onto them.  Now this air might be cool in the summer, but in the winter, it's heated, so the room gets louder because the server fans kick into high gear pretty much all the time.

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4 hours ago, barry99705 said:

Even a couple servers will put out a shit ton of heat.  The two I have in my basement keep it warm year round.

Even a GPU crack station keeps my 'man cave' radiator turned off :lol: The heat is incredible! I hate to think what a few servers would do, even small ones!

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