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HackRF vs YARDstick


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I'm wanting to get into some of the RF world, I have a NooElec R820T SDR and a Baofeng UV-5RAX+ (w/my technical license). I'm looking at the HackRF and the YARDstick, can the HackRF do (almost) everything the YARDstick can? If the HackRF encompasses the YARDstick's frequency ranges, should I just get the HackRF or is there some things you can't do with the HackRF that you can do with the YARDstick?

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Yardstick is more for specific tasks in the sub 1ghz range, it does use python style commands which makes it a lot easier if that's where your tasks are focused.

HackRF is def far more capable of much more, but it really requires gnuRadio to fully take advantage of all of it's abilities and that is a massive program that can be a bit daunting to get into for some.

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