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How to setup a ftp server using linux behind a linksys routr


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Ok...This has most likely already been asked and answered but i searched it and had trouble finding an answer. So what do i need in order to setup an online ftp server so i can upload and download stuff from different computers across the net. This is what i have...

A 550 mhz computer

with 80gb hdd

a cable modem which is attached to a linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL router.

I have several computers on the network some are linux some windows. I want to keep them still relatively protected so, what is the best distro of linux for this , and what do i need to do to set up the ftp server. What settings does the route need to have to allow the traffic to pass through.


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How would i go about setting up an ftp server. I'm a noob as it says in my name. I have setup mythtv using knoppmyth but that is about the extent of my experience. I can move around throughout the hard drive with the command prompt. That is about it. What distro do you recommend.

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