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  1. I am using findstr to see if a word appears in a text file, if it does i want to taskkill a specific task. How do you write a if statement for that. example ... I am looking for firefox.exe in tasklist.txt, so i'd use findstr "firefox.exe" tasklist.txt if it exists than i want it to automatically taskkill firefox.exe I can't figure out how to right this as an if statement in the command prompt
  2. Is there a way to have a batch file executed when a file of a designated name is executed. Can a batch file watch for processes and when a specific one shows up it executes itself?? For example if someone downloads the Firefox installer and executes it without admin approval can i write a batch file that will activate when the file is executed? The batch file needs to work without the ability to know the location of the Firefox installer, thats why i asked if you can watch for processes. I hope you can understand what i am trying to ask. Thanks for the help
  3. I have a couple of devices such as a samsung pda and game boy and was wondering if there was any way of attaching their lcds to my pc and using them as a secondary display. ALso if you can use it can you lock it out so that the mouse would never leave the main display and move to the mini lcd. I know its a crazy and most likely impossible idea but i figured i should ask.
  4. Depending on what type of tuner you have you should check out MythTV if your using linux. If you have a big spare drive sitting around you could also just download Knoppmyth which is a distro with mythTV builtin. Thats what i use, it works great. If your using Windows checkout media portal or GB-PVR.
  5. I have an old Pentium III 550mhz pc that i use to run as a NAS using Fedora. I am constanly changing it and addind and removing components. I do multiboots and stuff so i can mess around with new distros. So last week i reformated the second hd with a slax live cd and when it rebooted it immediately booted to the MBA and tried to connect to the network. I have a 3Com network card. I tried another card also 3Com and it does the same. I looked in the BIOS and none of the settings had changed. I have the CD drive selected first then the Hard in the boot menu. I de-selected the Network boot and
  6. Yeah Moonlit is right. You really cant give people advice on things you dont know. Each distro has it pros and cons. You cant say one distro is better than all others because they each bring something to the table. Some are designed to be Windows replacements and some are designed to be used by Linux gearheads. Personally i like Fedora and knoppix. However I dont really care for OpenSUSE or Ubuntu. OpenSUSE wasn't all that great considering that it was a entire DVD install and Ubuntu seemed awfully slow compared to many other distros. Just download some live CDs and see which one you
  7. Upgrading to Vista knowing that you use a lot of specific programs is definitely a BIG NO!!!! Vista right now is having some big issues with compatiblity such as video cards, soundcards, and even well used programs. For example iTunes, a VERY popular program does function right. Vista has issues with many CD and DVD burning software, and last i knew couldn't make use of hardware audio because of issues with DirectSouend 3D ( Which is used by tons of games. Like SomeoneElse said wait for at least SP1. I wouldn't risk installing it until you know your stuff will work 100%. Even if ATI of NVid
  8. First i would check out DistroWatch.com as they do list the most poular distros. However what distrobution you should next download is a choice that depends on what software and connectivity ease of use you want it to come with standard. Another thing you might want to consider is Unix. Such things as FreeBSD or any other Unix based system would be a good choice for you to learn even more. Another thing you can do is see if the the OS you want to try comes in a live CD version that way to can try it out before installing it. Personally i like Fedora and OpenSUSE for linux and OpenBSD for
  9. I just got pandora working. I had to use the method of opening pandora in another page first then open pandora jar. It grabs the mp3's and saves them. It gets the title and Artist but not the album. Is this normal or what should i do to fix this. I can get the band bio but not the song stats. I am using flash 8r34 Pandora jar says this localhost connected to server. localhost connected to server. unable to retrieve top fans from last.fm: top friends not found localhost connected to server. localhost connected to server. unable add track to last.fm: Unable to authenticate to last.fm
  10. How would i go about setting up an ftp server. I'm a noob as it says in my name. I have setup mythtv using knoppmyth but that is about the extent of my experience. I can move around throughout the hard drive with the command prompt. That is about it. What distro do you recommend.
  11. Ok...This has most likely already been asked and answered but i searched it and had trouble finding an answer. So what do i need in order to setup an online ftp server so i can upload and download stuff from different computers across the net. This is what i have... A 550 mhz computer with 80gb hdd a cable modem which is attached to a linksys Etherfast Cable/DSL router. I have several computers on the network some are linux some windows. I want to keep them still relatively protected so, what is the best distro of linux for this , and what do i need to do to set up the ftp s
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