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Flashing Red/Green


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I got my Ducky in the mail about 2 days ago and finally got around to getting it set up. To begin I found I YouTube tutorial to get me started quickly and to play around with it.

Here is the tutorial I followed: 


So I spun up a VM running Ubuntu and got started. I followed all the steps to get TwinDuck and the firmware installed. When I unplugged the Duck from my computer and plugged it back in I got a red/green light flashing. I knew that couldn't be anything good but went ahead and shut my VM down and plugged it back into my machine. It did nothing besides download the "keyboard" driver and that's it.

Can someone help?

Thanks in advance.

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Update #2: Using the Micro SD card to USB attachment they sent in the package I tested the SD card and it seems to be fine. Other than the fact the the inject.bin file is full of "Null" strings. I wonder if having the SD Card in the Ducky while flashing the device resulted in this error. I hope this gives someone some more information to maybe get this issue resolved, because after looking at other posts this is an issue experienced by other people too. 

D Drive.png

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I didn't watch that video that you posted yet, but...

Which firmware did you choose (like the name on the github ex composite_xxx or c_duck_xxx)?
You have an SD card in the ducky?
What filesystem do you have the SD formatted as and what os did you format it under?

I had some weird things when I setup that firmware myself.  I used the composite 4cap version and found that I had to format the sd card as fat32 on linux for it to actually recognize correctly.  When formatted on windows it wouldn't work and recognize correctly for me.

Another interesting note is i had to use the hak5 encoder to get the inject.bin to run correctly, the online one wouldn't work for me.

I did a couple videos on the process I went through:

1st one is where I re-recorded the demo since it didn't look that good the way we were screen sharing and broadcasting live, the 2nd one is where we talked a lot more about it and setup and such as I did the demo (may have some extra tips and tricks and explanations).




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hmmmm, there's a c_duck_v2.1 i think on the github here:


As far as I'm aware the Composite ones are the latest versions of the twin duck firmware but they don't have the auto start mode you have to either hit caps lock 4 times or push the button on the duck to get it to start the payload.  I don't think i was able to get the autostart one working with my setup and testing but the 4caps worked great, think someone reported that linux didn't detect the 4 caps lock button presses but it def works on windows.

for 2 it shouldn't matter if you have the sd card in when flashing or not, just making sure you had one in because it won't recognize the disk drive as there until then.

for 3 might try FAT32 and format it under a linux os to get it that way

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I have the same issue with the twin-duck firmware. I tried flashing both with and without the SD card in (I think you're supposed to NOT have it in according to the video). 

I haven't had any luck getting twin-duck to work, while using the ducky flasher. I haven't tried flashing it "manually", thus choosing the c_duck_v2.1 firmware instead. 

So far, I've just had to go with the original firmware and use FTP to upload my reports to a ftp-server that I own. 

Would be awesome to have the twin-duck firmware working, especially if it can be modified to autostart. 


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When I flash the firmware i just used a compiled version of dfu I didn't use a "ducky flasher", i don't have the specifics of it off the top of my head but you should be able to see the command and get the package based off that in that first video link i posted.  Updating the twin duck firmware would be awesome, as far as I'm aware the latest versions are the "composite..." ones and those would be the best to update i'd imagine.  Source should be on that github link in a folder level above the link destination.

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