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  1. bored369's post in Change the time zone was marked as the answer   
    The drop down doesn't change but where it says what timezone it is set to should change.
    You may also want to try different browsers or clearing your browser cache.
  2. bored369's post in Connect to a wifi with onboard (or USB) wireless without PC was marked as the answer   
    Networking Section->WiFi Client Mode
    Interface ->wlan1mon is the internal network card (additional card will most likely* show up as wlan2)
    Scan button shows you available networks to connect to
    Select Access Point, enter password if needed
    then connect button
    I used an extra wireless card for the mk5 all the time and it worked great! I've been tethering with the phone more often now since it's so easy with the connector app and i have enough data to spare
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