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Connect to a wifi with onboard (or USB) wireless without PC


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Just a quick one, I have seen a few videos showing how to connect one of the onboard wireless cards to a wifi network to allow internet to machines that have joined my pineapple...

but how do I do this on the pineapple Nano?

Can I connect to a network in the GUI?

Also if I can, is it possible to use a 3rd wireless card (RT5730 dongle) to connect to said network?

Sorry for the obvious questions, just very new with this.

So far I'm enjoying it! Thanks Hak5 and community! :)

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Networking Section->WiFi Client Mode

Interface ->wlan1mon is the internal network card (additional card will most likely* show up as wlan2)

Scan button shows you available networks to connect to

Select Access Point, enter password if needed

then connect button

I used an extra wireless card for the mk5 all the time and it worked great! I've been tethering with the phone more often now since it's so easy with the connector app and i have enough data to spare

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