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windows 7,8,10 exploit


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Just an fyi, this sounds more like your looking to do harm to someones system, vs experimenting on your own systems. If you want to test stuff like this, setup some virtual machines, learn to use metasploit and run your payloads in your own labs to learn which will be a safe thing to do, since you own these machines and can remove any payloads without worrying about viruses and malware or such.

As far as WAN exploits, getting a victim to initiate a connection to you, or reverse shell, is the answer to your question. How you do it, you're on your own there.

If you're trying to hack someone remotely, don't ask or post questions about it. That's as nice as I can put it..


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payload/exploit, same thing. you can create a simple payload exe and click on it and run it from your browser on the machine inside the network to get a reverse shell. You just need to make sure your machine outside the network is reachable on the port you call home to with a listener started for when it connects back.

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