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Not getting all clients from an ssid to the pineapple tetra


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I am playing around with the pineapple tetra. I want to get all clients from and ssid to connect through the pineapple. but i don't succeed.

I put my filters the following:

client filtering Deny mode, and i don't have any mac's inside.

ssid filtering Allow mode, and i have the ssid of the wifi that i want to 'take over'.

i get some clients, but not all clients come to the pineapple. Why is that and what can i do to make it work ?

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IF what you are doing is legal and you have the permission to you can DoS the router that you want the clients from.  That will drop all the clients connected to it and then those clients should automatically connect to you.  However if the router they are on is a secured router (ie WPA) and clients do not have any open networks saved in their preferred network list they will not connect to your pineapple regardless unless the user manually connects to it thinking it is the one they are supposed to connect to.

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