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Setup Question Nano via Android and using vpn


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as a newcomer, I made my way through general setup and now finally testing my project idea.

Project idea: to deploy the nano + android phone + power bank close to the target  - manage remotely and i.e. save traffic via Wireshark

What I did after setup, DL modules etc:  I was able to identify the SSID from the target and add SSID and linked clients to the filter

So next step would be to deauth SSID and get clients connected to the PineAP

--> So here is my question: I tested this setup in my office (android linked to separate wifi) and had my iPhone connected to the SSID coming from pineAP

But on this iPhone, it showed the original Ip address coming from the android wifi, although I was using PIA VPN active on the android.

---> So how can I avoid  clients connected to PineAP are seeing the original IP.?

Thanks for your help!







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I´m not 100% sure what you exaclty mean or need, but you can also run the PIA VPN via OpenVPN on the pineapple itself. So the complete client traffic goes from the pineapple directly to your VPN Provider. They surf with the public VPN Provider IP.

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Hi BeNe,


thanks for your input and sorry for my confusing post... but you got it right... I want to make sure that the client connected are using the VPN provider IP.

Did not know that I can run open VPN directly on the pineapple....will search the forum and find out :-)




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