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  1. Short Update: I was not successful to get the correct date on the timestamps for the packet when saving a new file with a current date on the PS. All timestamps from the dates of the payload.sh. Looking forward to your ideas, Thanks!
  2. Hi, is there any short "how-to" available? I'm not too experienced in this topic, so it would be great if I could learn how to get the correct timestamp on my Packet Squirrel. I'm using it only for capturing the packets from the target pc which is connected to the Internet via the PS. Works great, just the timestamp is not correct. The time for OS of the PS is correct, I used the ntpd to set the time, but still the packets are getting the time from the file in the subfolder payloads 1. Your help is really appreciated! Joe
  3. I still have the same problem, Nano stopps working after a few minutes... Nano running with latest firmeware (and ALL modules updated) , connect with USB-Y to current Kali-Linux 2.0 Notebook Sharing Ethernet Internet and connecting to Nano via Webinterface based on the settings first clients are connected, then after a few minutes I have ZERO information in the dashboard and Recon (15 / 30 sec) shows the 100% but does not continue. Is there any chance to get support on this topic? I opened two tickets at the bug tracker. Joe
  4. Hi BeNe, thanks for your input and sorry for my confusing post... but you got it right... I want to make sure that the client connected are using the VPN provider IP. Did not know that I can run open VPN directly on the pineapple....will search the forum and find out :-) Thanks!
  5. setup: android - nano - powerbank connect via management ap to ipad / laptop it worked fine over the day, but since some hours it doesn't work, even if I rename the AP, give it a new simple password... I receive the message "bad password". So now I'm in my project....can not deploy the tool, as I have no remote control. Instead I'm wasting my time to re-configure settings I already save "i.e. for the Pine AP) and trying to get access. On top of that I could not deauth a single client today not even my own devices connected to the target network. Following the existing guidelines is not too diffcult.. but I have the feeling the problem is (not only) between my ears. All these topics are also reported as bug.. so do i waste my time for system with major bugs ? Joe
  6. Hello, as a newcomer, I made my way through general setup and now finally testing my project idea. Project idea: to deploy the nano + android phone + power bank close to the target - manage remotely and i.e. save traffic via Wireshark What I did after setup, DL modules etc: I was able to identify the SSID from the target and add SSID and linked clients to the filter So next step would be to deauth SSID and get clients connected to the PineAP --> So here is my question: I tested this setup in my office (android linked to separate wifi) and had my iPhone connected to the SSID coming from pineAP But on this iPhone, it showed the original Ip address coming from the android wifi, although I was using PIA VPN active on the android. ---> So how can I avoid clients connected to PineAP are seeing the original IP.? Thanks for your help! Joe
  7. My setup is android phone - nano - powerbank So what I tried now is use the AP management to connect and control the unit from there. (i.e. an iPad) That works much better than managing the nano directly on the phone or the laptop (what i tried before)
  8. and to add one more point...even when using Nano after a "cool down" period... I'm surprised by the results of the new scans 1st scan - shows all ssid etc following scans (i.e. 30 sec) a few minutes later are showing only one SSID (as open!) with mac address of my nano (of course there are many wifi around, so the check result is wrong) very strange..
  9. Hi, I have the same issue like Fabrizio, updated all available modules (incl. recon) etc. but no difference even after reboot When I shut down for a few minutes it works well, also saved settings like PineAP are not activated. So maybe really a temperature problem? Overall....difficult to follow the basics steps when the tool is not reliable. I need to deploy the tool remote, but how can I relay on it when it's during testing not working? # I need urgently a solution to make it work like promised. Joe
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