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LAN Turtle is currently offline (but it's not!)


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Hello Hak5 Community - 

I've been having a tough time with my new LAN turtle. I'll try to keep this as succinct as possible..

1. My LAN turtle is accessible via SSH from the local host at 172.16.84.X

2. With ethernet cable plugged in, eth1 gets an IP address in my home subnet range of 10.0.0.x, and an amber link light.

3. From the shell on the turtle, I can ping the gateway (, I can ping other machines on that subnet. I have internet DNS resolution. I can even do things like wget http://example.com and that works too...

But whenever I try to get updates via the "GUI" on the turtle, it tells me my turtle is currently offline! Its infuriating!

I have flashed the turtle manually using the latest code available from https://downloads.lanturtle.com/ using instructions provided by Darren Kitchen.

Any ideas guys? Thanks for all your help. Hak5 rocks!


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Don't know if you figured this one out yet, but figured I'd post just in case.

Some of the scripts perform an ICMP ping to the destination server before attempting to update or download dependencies.  If the network you have the Turtle connected to blocks pings, you're going to get this error.  

You can remedy this by either a) allowing pings (assuming you control the network you're on) or b) editing the offending script to skip that check.  If it's a module that is giving you trouble, you'll find the script in /overlay/etc/turtle/modules.  If it's the "check for updates" function for the Turtle itself, you'll find that script in /usr/bin/turtle_update

Hope this helps.

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