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I know that I can set a nano to serve as an AP and connect to an OpenVPN server (been watching the Hak5 channel lately).  My question is can the nano connect to a wireless network and serve as an AP both at the same time.  Example...  Connect the Nano to a hotel public WiFi network and have my phone connect to an AP that I serve from the nano?  TIA for any input.

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The nano has WLAN1, which does all your sniffing & injection. WLAN0 serves as both the radio for your PineAP spoofed APs and also provides a management AP to wirelessly manage the pineapple.

There is a usb port on the nano which you can use for a 3rd wireless card/dongle - this one is best used in client mode, so this is the one you would use to connect your nano to the internet via a public hotspot.

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