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Monster OTG Cloud Nano


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Has anyone else tried the Monster OTG Cloud to power their nano ?

I just plug 1 micro usb wire into the OTG Cloud, it powers the nano and gives me 2 extra sd card slots. 


I haven't tested battery duration, but it works and the OTG cloud has a few nifty perks of its own. 


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Neat idea.

The battery life btw will be no more than half of what the 4000mah pack that comes with the tactical nano provides.  So around 4 hours or so at the absolute most, but I'm guessing it also uses that battery for it's internal operations (wifi/sd/etc) so it will probably be much much less.

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It has a power switch to turn on the wifi router / repeater, but you can keep it off and just use it to power.

I haven't tested it yet, but supposedly you can connect a network cable, and broadcast wifi. I've been in hotels where they do not have wifi, but rather give you a cable to connect to a wall socket in the room for internet. So if thats correct, you should be able to broadcast a secured wifi for an android / pc to connect to that has the pineapple connected ;-) That then  broadcast "Free Wifi" I suppose.  (why not just plug the wire into the pc for internet? Because sometimes the one they provide doesn't reach the bed) lmfao

I really wish it had a bigger battery, but you can power it with the micro usb, which would be logical for spiking the hotel internet this way

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