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HashCat - Faster to Brute Force or Word List?


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Hi all,

Perhaps someone here has tried this and is able to advise?

Say my password was a combination of lowercase letters of 8 digits.

Using OCLHashCat, would it be faster to Brute Force using ...

oclhashcat --hash-type [TYPE] file.hccat ?l?l?l?l?l?l?l?l

... or, would it be faster to use a wordlist, with all of the combinations of 8 lowercase letters in it ...

oclhashcat --hash-type [TYPE] file.hccat wordlist.dic

... ?

This is not taking in to account the time spent to generate the wordlist, or the size. Let's say that's already covered.


*edit* I assume the wordlist would be slightly faster, based on there being one less step per password for the GPU to have to compute, but I guess what I'm trying to get at is whether it's a noticeable difference? Are we talking shaving only minutes or hours off, or could this potentially save days?


Thank you.

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The difference will be fractional. Generating a sequence in memory will be faster than a chunk of IO to acquire some structured data and then parsing that read data.

Personally, I'd separate the two. Isn't there a wordlist generator (crunch or something?) that can do the generating and just pipes out the data which can feed into oclhashcat. Is probably easier to make continue from a certain point and/or distribute sections of the keyspace to multiple machines.

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Thanks, good idea. It is Crunch, yes. I guess I was being lazy with asking this question, but I'm such a busy person!

Next time I get a chance, I'll create a wordlist of all passwords between 0000 - 9999, run the following ...

oclhashcat [...] ?d?d?d?d
oclhashcat [...] numbers.txt
crunch [...] | oclhascat [...]

... and let you guys know the results / which is fastest.

Just need to find some spare time, which is easier typed than done!

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