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::XBOX MOD CHALLENGE:: Halo 2 score board for LAN parties


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Well, I had my friends with an unmodded xbox try to join my modded one on a modded version of Coagulation for some fun. The problem was, they joined the game, but were always dead. They're screens would always display an "X" by there names with the score of everyone else. Now, If this could somehow be recreated with a modded profile or something, it might work out perfectly. I say, ask around Halomods if you haven't already.

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1) I don't think it's really feasible.

2) That being said, if you're an uber directx programmer and an excellent reverse engineer with an entire team of people like you, you could make a directplay client that pretends to be Halo, then decipher the game's protocol (reverse engineering the PC version of Halo1 would be a good start), make it sniff out the score status messages, and after that, making it interface with a win32 program should be cake.

3) If you think for a minute that it's a worthwhile venture, refer to point #1 above :)

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