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Cant get cred harvester to work outside of my ip, on backtrack5


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Going to need way more information than that buddy.

  • What is this cred harvester of which you speak? Python? C? Meterpreter?
  • Is your 'friend/victim' on the same system as you? Are they open to the same vulnerabilities?
  • 'The web page does not load'? This could mean anything. What exactly happens?
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Is this a good time to mention that BackTrack Linux 5 R3 (the newest) is almost 4 years old and has since been superseded by Kali?

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Im using win10 sys, im runnin backtrack5 linux on vm, victim is not same system, im using ifconfig command for ip, im doing the cred harvester in and following the instructions,

is says i can give the ifconfig ip to any victim outside of my network and it should work, but it doesnt, cred harvester only seems to work on my network atm, how can i make it work outside my network, what do i need to do? im thinking about moving to kali, once i work this out i will, please help.

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cred harvester im using is from backtrack5, iv tryed using my ip address but it does not work, only thing that works is the ifconfig ip address, but the ifconfig ip only works in my network, it does not work outside my network, i dont think they are vulnerably to same hacks i dont think they use backtrack or kali they just newbie to pc, im not sure if it is c or python or meterpreter, i know that python on backtrack works for sql injection and meterpreter for payloads those two are not involved with cred harvester and website vectors or making fake web login to steel creds.

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Ah, I see, an actual application called 'Cred Harvester'. Never used it myself. You appear to be using an outdated version.


im thinking about moving to kali, once i work this out

Do it the other way around. If you're not using the latest version of something, how do you know the issue you're experiencing isn't something that has been resolved?

Install Kali. apt-get update. apt-get upgrade. Try again. Then come back when it fails.

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