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Using the Nano to capture weblogins


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Hello all

So I want to see if it is possible to set up the nano with a fake facebook login page and have clients that go to FB to hit the nano's fake FB login, capture the account info then send them on to the real FB login. I have some scripts that seem to work with capturing the passwords but I am not sure of to get them on the Nano. Any tutorials out there on this?



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Use Evil Portal with DNSspoof. Make a landing page that is the website login and have it redirect after entering the creds. Use DNSspoof to get them to the landing page instead of the login page.  It might be hard because people save their passwords in the browser so it automatically logs them in and goes straight to there page.

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Yes, it's doable using a cloned version of Facebook you need to press CTRL+F and search for ACTION look for action="https://www.facebook.com/login.php?login_attempt=1" replace with login.php and make your own login.php that submits username and passwords to a txt file.

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