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I got DDoSed How?


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I am just a normal Twitch.tv streamer. but someone came in telling me he'd DDoS/DoS me. i thought he was making jokes about that and i started threatning with police and stuff so he said "Rip you" and that was the last message i ever got. because everything went down. i could not open Internet nor could i reach my server. i would really like to know how he did it and get him DDoSed aswell. I am not saying that i will DDoS or DoS him.

Please help

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The point of a DDoS is to flood your network cable with bullshit traffic to the point where your router can't get any relevant request request out or a response to that request back in. No amount of software on the router or within your network is going to help you deal with this because that's already beyond the point where the problem is.

Contact your ISP.

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