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DDOS Newbie


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Hi Guys

First Poster here

I am trying to demonstrate some hardware that will stop a DDOS attack but is there a piece of software out there that I can DDOS my PLC to stop the flow of data from there. LOIC seemed to be useless.

Thanks in advance

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Thanks guys for your responses.

DarkDosser seems to be full of surveys and other .rar password locks

I checked out network stressers but is there a way for just demonstration purposes just a p2p DoS attack?

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Define what you mean by a "a p2p DoS attack?"

I think gartut's slightly misusing the term peer-to-peer.

I would assume gartut means one computer attacking one other computer, rather than multiple machines attacking, say, a web-server or something.

Airplay-ng for access point DDOS



UDP Flooder


TORs Hammer




Read this.

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