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I would like to ask about tutorials on certain subjects. I know SSL stripping is already online, but there are a few things I'd like to learn to do with my wifi pineapple:

viewing traffic on an open network

password sniffing

cracking wpa/wpa2, even if it doesn't have wps enabled (the whole process)

sniffing traffic on a wpa/wpa2 network

Also, I don't know if you have tutorials for all of this already, but I really think it would be good to go from beginner pineapple skills, all of the way through expert, so I could become a more experienced hacker. I don't see tutorials for every infusion out there and I think there are less then 500 different infusions for the mark v. Could someone help me out with finding english tutorials for this stuff?

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Oh, and this also:

- any other programs in the category of ettercap and nmap that will let me become proficient in the above and other crucial areas the pineapple can help with.

- understanding what I am doing and not just blindly typing in commands

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Perhaps you should learn to use some of thoses tools you mentioned like, nmap, ettercap, etc... Seperate from the pineapple.

I have found it easier to learn some of these tools before you go implementing them on a MitM device!

Or maybe go buy a book.....you know has two covers and hours of tedious pages of syntactic goo!!!!!!!

I think you will find a more rewarding insight into those tools. Or just try to hack your neighbor dweeb!

Everything you are wanting to do can be done with Wireshark, Aircrack-ng, and an ISP assigned router.

You don't need a pineapple you need google (as the bot says)...or dare I say a "library" what ..too.. "time since written word to 20thCentury", for ya!

P*s "It appears that the patrons of this forum are sincerley interested in bashing and not "#!/"

skully up beotch "cewl"

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