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Virtualmin permisions?


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You will have to manually grant user permissions to access this

module from Webmin.


I'm installing virtualmin to use with webmin on a freeBSD box, but I get this error message and I can't figure it out. What am I missing? Which files and what permissions?

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Does it require a real user? Or a Group? Or a User Named for a Psuedo Group?

find the modual, or excution call, and do a simple ls -l | more

if you can't figure it out, a temp but dangerous fix for a permissions problem is just to chmod 777 ./ until you can isolate it...

Or... maybe a called object needs root privledges to modify a user tab, have you tried sudo the command ?

sorry don't really know to much about the program your trying to work with just general problems I see with that type of error.

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Not sure myself either, so I opted for the same root, uninstalled it via the ports, and installed it via a modal for webmin. Works perfectly now, and the ports version is only 2.6, the plugin modal is version 3.

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