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Is it possible to connect to my home wifi remotely?


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I know, first response is "yes dummy," but I want to do something kind of specific. My home and most of my friend's are all turning into smart homes. We have an echo controlling our TV and wemo lights and plugs, using harmony and fire TV, etc. All using apps from our phones. I wanted to try and play a little trick on my friends and girlfriend by remotely controlling the home devices remotely when they're using them.

I have my turtle currently connected to my home network running open VPN to my digital ocean vps. I can connect to my network remotely with other devices. I can ping devices on my network, Nmap, etc, but I can't use any of the apps designed to work with them directly. Ie: alexa, firetv. I'm assuming this is because the apps look for Internet via (in case of my galaxy s7) wlan0 instead of the tun0 interface my turtle creates with the VPN.

When that didn't work because I was not on wifi, I tried to connect my phone to the VPN and then Hotspot it to another device so I'd be on wifi which also failed because of how the VPN works.

Does anyone have any idea how I could get something like this to work? Or is it not possible? Devices I have to work with: turtle, nano, kali live USB and nethunter tablet.

Tia for any input


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If you mean connecting to your home network then yes. And you're doing it mostly right but here is what I assume the problem is: the apps that you are using to control the devices use some discovery protocol like UPnP and since the turtle is on the 172.something.x.x network and the amazon echo and stuff are on a different network (192.168.x.x network probably) these UPnP requests aren't being routed to the 192.168 network from through the turtle. To fix this you will want to create a VPN server running on your 192.168.x.x network and portforward it so you can access it remotely then the app should be able to discover the devices on your network. Again this is speculation but I'm pretty sure its whats going on.

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I see yes you're right I'm getting a 172.x.x.x address of the turtle on that interface when I run ifconfig on my phone.

Is there a way I can make the turtle assign to my network my home runs on?

I could set up my own VPN at home. But I was looking for a drop and go solution such as the turtle. Can't set a VPN up at my buddy's place.

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