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What am I doing wrong


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Hi all

just moved and finally installed my PV ( seemingly too late as it's obsolete :-)) BUT must be doing something wrong as got issues:

here's what I have

1 PV with firmware 2.4.0

2 no installed infusions

3 connected to linux mate on old dell machine

4 yagi antenna hooked to port nearest dip switches

5 attached external usb HDD to usb port and mounted it at /dev/sdb1

SO I start up dell

connect to PV

make sure internet is there by going to www.cnn.com

go into recon mode

set scan continuously

add some ssid's to KARMA

go into INFUSION mode

go into PINEAP box and check everything BUT autostart

now I thought that was it for the basics? Am I on the right track to just start logging traffic to a log file on my attached but I see nothing at all. ALSO the wlan1 keeps dropping off for some reason and I can't really see anything in the logs.

if there is a video/cookbook on this for firmware 2.4 I would be grateful as I can't seem to find one.



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