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Forcing your provider to secure your home network


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Good day all.

I am in need of some help to prove to my service provider that the internet they are proving me sucks, its slow, and to many people are connected to the network.

I recently moved into a student building where they only provide me with an Wifi internet. I;ve connected to it and I can see about 3 smart TVs, 8 printers, and 1 apple TV.

No one in this building has a wired connection, and everyone has friends who come over and share the password with them.

Im no IT professional, but i want to test and prove to the people that give me this shitty wireless service that they suck and they are charging me too much.

everyone in this building (22 students) have thier own contained studios..

Where do I start by testing my own network?

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What is your specific gripe about the network? External internet speed, internal latency, or something else.

And my opinion is that you are unlikely to get any change from the company, they put in what they think is cost effective and that's that, you taking figures to them is unlikely to change their minds. If that was going to work then just talking to them may work on its own so try that first.

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Well for one the Internet is slooooow. And I know I'm being overcharged for it

I also believe it might be throttled. And under EU law (I believe) they are not allowed to do this. I live in the Netherlands.

In the evening (when everyone is home 20+ people) I get 0.44 Mbps Download / 0.01 Mbps Upload. I can't even watch YouTube at 360p.

But mid day I get 10+ Mbps down/ 3Mpbs Up.

With this I want to do a few things/ see changes.

1) force them to give me better internet (which I and 20 other student pay 25 a month for)

2) force them to give me my own wired LAN cable connection (it's already installed in the walls)

3) show them how insecure the network is (everyone's friend and friend has the password- no one is the network-admin but the provider)

4) and/or legally (eventually) opt-out for their crappy service (under EU law somehow) because in can get my own connection for 20 a month which is better, faster and I can admin it!

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Forcing your landlord to do anything is highly unlikely, especially giving you faster internet access. Overcharging for something is not illegal in the UK and unless you have some odd laws over there I doubt it is for you either.

If you are all on a shared 10Mbps pipe then it dropping down to a dribble when everyone is connected is definitely likely. I'd say the best thing to do is to use one of the online speed test sites and each day log the speed at various times then take it to them and show them, they might feel sympathetic and change something.

As for the security, you would need to talk to the people who share the connection and ask them not to share it, that is your starting point. Again, I doubt you will win with that as people like to share.

Sounding very negative but I think you are on to a loosing battle, this is the type of thing you should check before you move in and if you have a minimum standard that you were promised then you should have got it in writing. If you moved in then found it wasn't to your liking then that is your fault for not checking first.

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you should check before you move in and if you have a minimum standard that you were promised then you should have got it in writing

This, unfortunately.

Take it as a good opportunity to pentest 3 smart TVs, 8 printers, 1 apple TV and a bunch of mobile phones/computers owned by loose University girls.

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