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New Mark IV


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I also am having the same problem, and have noticed a few others in the forum experiencing the same problem

but as of yet nobody is answering us why?

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Thanks for the reply, but are the infusions still available or is there away to download them manually?

I know they have been superseded but they are still a valuable learning resource. I would be happy to host the infusions

for the markIV on one of my servers if it would be helpful, I am in the UK.



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Just completely reflashed with ver 3.0 and 2.80 from 2.81 still cannot download infusions. reverting to ver 2.80

I thought at least I would get that update 2.81 is available. I have checked the setup video and made sure lan cable connects between POE/lan on pineapple and the lan port on kali box. wp4.sh is run, I can ping the pineapple and I can browse to the web no problem.

just cant update or load infusions from the web interface without getting Error connecting! Please make sure you have an internet connection.

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