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aireplay-ng acks received


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Hello everyone, I have a question with respect to the aireplay-ng. I was successfully able to perform deauthentication with it. But as far as i know it sends 64 packets to the client and 64 to the access point, Then how does the number of acks received goes above 64. In the aireplay-ng official website it is said that because of active participation it goes above 64. Can anyone give me a clear idea about it. I have also attached a screenshot .


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My guess would be that, because you are running continuous (-0 0), it hasn't quite received all of the ACK's for the previous 64 packets before it sends the next batch (and prints the total received for the previous batch).

The first round sends 64 packets...gets 63 back (there's still 1 "outstanding packet")

The next round sends 64 more packets...and gets 62 back (probably 1 from the previous batch and 61 form the current batch...still 3 outstanding)

---the client speeds up or the network gets less congeted here---

The next round sends 64 packets and receives 67...the 64 it sent out plus the 3 "outstanding" from the previous sends

The process repeats with various speed-ups and slow-downs as it loops.

I suppose you could have also been receiving legitimate ACK's from the client in the middle (like 64 responses to YOUR deauth packets and 2 responses that it generated itself intentionally).

Of course, this is all speculation on my part...

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