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My NANO Accessories I Picked up online


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First i just wanna state that the hak5 tactical bundle is a really good deal I tried to beat hak5's tactical bundle at the time of this post I was unable to beat what you get from them for the price.

They sell you a NANO, a pouch and a battery pack for $150 which is a fair deal in my honest opinion I spent possibly more alone of this little USB nub that connects the battery pack to the nano I paid $17 on amazon was a cheaper on on ebay for $5 however the seller was out till the 16th of Feb and he was in china so shipping would've taken forever.

here's some screenshots of the stuff I bought extra from other places not as good as what hak5 sells but will hopefully do till hak5 sells this stuff later on.



I ordered this case: http://www.ebay.com/itm/141776063630

and this battery pack: http://www.ebay.com/itm/331722638471

The case is a bit big for the nano so i had to cut a hole on the side on the case where it stretches at I simply aligned the antenna up and poked a hole in it then used scissors to help give room for the antenna to screw on and off :B

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I tryed to do the same thing and the more i see the tac edition the more i wish i would have just gone with that. It is a very good price and from what ive seen the case that Darren picked is perfect and quality with the molle strap. I spent about 150 but pouch has an internal case for holding antenna, spare battery and other cables. the downside is the antenna dont quite fit right and I cut a hole in the bottom for the cord before i figured out i could connect using a wlan2 interface connected to my phones wifi AP. It would be awsome to see the tac pouch for the nano on the hak5 store. I would snatch one up!

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