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Batchfile to connect to an AP?


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As part of my rampant paranoia regarding my own wireless network, I've taken to changing the wpa psk every few weeks. This is fine for myself but for the lusers i have to share the network with, its a problem. Is there anyway I can create a batch file which runs from a flash stick, that would update windows with the new key for the network? This would let me cut down the time it takes to remove the old AP reference, and create a new one, copy&pasting the code in.

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My first question in to workoing out how to do this would be: Where and how does windows store the key?

I would then change the key where it is stored manually (with out using the wireless connection thing) and change the key on the AP so in theory it should still beable to connect.

If this test was successful, it should be a piece of piss to setup a globally accessible network share that has a batch file in it that is updated every week and is run every week.

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Windows XP doesn't have a command line way of changing wireless settings.

Windows Vista does with a new version of netsh.

Windows XP if it's on a Domain will not allow you to change the settings via Wireless Networking Wizard. On a workgroup it will.

There's profiles with certain manufacturers, but I'm not sure if it's anything remotely to being helpful.

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