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What are your experiences with the Rubber Ducky?


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Hi all,

So, without giving anything away that would end up with you behind iron bars with a lover called Frank, what kind of experiences have you had with the Rubber Ducky?

In which scenarios have you found it to be invaluable?

I ask through curiosity and for inspriation. I'm sure there are a few good stories out there.

Thanks :smile:

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I often used a short script to create a new admin account via console (in combination with utilman.exe image hijacking) to gain access for some people on different occasions, like forgotten passwords or on a recently deceased person's PC (who never shared the password)

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I don't know if I have the script anymore, but creating a new admin is easy:

net user NewAdmin Password /ADD
net localgroup Administrators NewAdmin /ADD

The "utilman hack" was mostly done by hand, since not everyone installed Windows to C:\Windows which would render an automatic typed script useless at that point.

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