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  1. Hey all - now that i got my replacement unit in the mail all my problems seem to have been resolved. The unit works great. I let it run all weekend with dwall running and pine ap running and when i open up the computer this morning i had lots of associations and web traffic monitored. Before i couldnt let it run more than 20 min without a problem. My unit must have been defective. Refer to my original post on this thread to see if your problem is the same. Darren said almost none of their products are defective but obviously this one was since im using it the same as the other and it runs completely different, just as expected. Thanks darren for the support. Was a little bit slow and had to ask for help a lot but appreciate the replacement unit very much. :D
  2. Just got a replacement nano in the mail overnighted to me, they didnt say they were sending that before me even sending my defective unit back so ill have to take back my last post. I wont get to test it till someone delivers it to me overseas in a couple weeks but will post back when i test it. Thanks in the meantime and if something comes up in analyzing my output i pastebinned in a prior post please let me know, especially since other people are having the same problem
  3. Is there a way to get direct support?? I tried emailing but i just got a return slip, no attempt at troubleshooting and this thread is slower than slow
  4. Thanks for the reply darren - I'd rather figure it out and not have to send it back because realistically it would take months waiting for someone to come visit me here overseas, have them bring the unit back and wait for someone else to bring back a replacement so i appreciate you helping to troubleshoot Ill try to be as detailed as possible: Im using a windows 7 laptop with an ethernet connection The nano is connected to my laptop using the provided dual usb connector into two of my usb3 ports. It powers on just fine and can log in every time through the 172.16 network through mozilla or chrome I go to the dashboard and see the bulletins to confirm I have internet access through the nano. No modules running (modules are installed on sd card fyi) i go to the pine ap tab and have the daemon off and only the first three checkboxes marked (allow assos, and log both) I go to the recon tab and do some continuous searches of clients and ap's, and have results for multiple networks with clients on a few of them so everything is working as expected so far. I let this run for 5 min on 15 sec continuous to make sure it continues to work and it does I go back to pine ap tab and switch on the daemon but dont check any more boxes in an attempt to go step by step to narrow down the cause of the problem. Now run the recon scan again for 5 min on 15 sec intervals All is fine so i go back and check the beacon response and broadcast ssid pool and add one fake ssid in (free wifi) and run the same recon Recon runs for a few min and the fake ap picks up my phone on the free wifi network, so now we have one client connected. I open the client tab in a new window and verify my phone is now a client. I switch back over to the recon view still running and it is stuck at 100%. I wait a couple min but nothing changes, its still at 100% even though the interval is 15 sec like it was before. The pineapple is now basically hanging or unresponsive or something. I try going back to the dashboard but now the boxes are blank where the client count and runtime and ssid pool numbers should be After about a minute now I cannot even switch in between tabs (dash, recon, etc), clicking on them just doesnt work, its now completely frozen. The tabs with the menu (recon, dash etc) is still there but the rest of the page is blank and clicking on anything doesnt work. The pineapple still has the blue light on and the rest of my computer works and is connected to internet just as before. I ssh into it using putty, log in, and dmesg returns this: http://pastebin.com/5mjuNT86 thanks for your help in troubleshooting - been spending so much time trying to fix it and hope youre able to figure it out. Ive never had a pineapple before but Ive watched all the videos and am pretty clear on how its supposed to work - ive gotten as far as getting clients, using urlsnarf to watch website activity from the clients, deauth clients, etc.
  5. Okay this is dumb, i shouldnt have to wait around for weeks to get this stupid thing to work like its supposed to. Im emailing hak5 for a replacement and want to warn anyone thinking about ordering that there seems to be a lot of defective units being circulated and advise you to wait to purchase until they work out all the problems because now have to go through the whole return process from overseas.. -_-
  6. Still having the same problems - still working until i turn on beacon response and then it stops working after usually a few min. Guess that means that antenna has a problem Im guessing? Ive tried so many different troubleshooting methods and different configurations of turning this and that off and on to try and narrow down what the problem is and thats my best guess but please someone chime in with any other ideas
  7. I currently have my phone on a spoofed wifi network and am using urlsnarf to watch my web traffic but when i run the recon on my computer it shows a couple AP's but doesnt show any clients at all.. even though obviously my phone is connected (not to mention several other devices I know are too and are being used currently). If i go to the clients page it will show my phone as the one client connected but the recon scan isnt showing anything other than the 4 ap's in the area.
  8. Nope the power isnt the issue - plugged one usb into my laptop and another into a 6a max outlet and it still froze up during a scan with beacon enabled. It worked for about 25 min this morning with everything enabled and actually picked up a random client so i got url snarf and left that running awhile but then it froze like normal after maybe 20 min. Sometimes it wont freeze, it just all of a sudden wont show any clients when 15 sec before it showed 8 clients on a network which obviously is wrong because im making sure to use some of those devices during that time. If i unplug and plug back in and boot it back up all the clients are back so.. not sure whats going on
  9. Ive tried factory reset and took the sd card out and didnt install any modules and it works for as long as i want doing the recon scans until i check the beacon response box (also using any modules too). Ill play around with the power issue idea and report back
  10. Thanks for your response man. I have seen another thread that started to address this where some people had the same problem but didnt see any answers and it was off topic so i wanted to start my own thread since people are having the same issue. Im actually half noob, half not - but I dont know how to SSH into it when it hangs. Ive just been using chrome (but have tried firefox too) using the GUI to control it. Im connecting via the usb cable and my computer has internet through lan cable and sharing the lan connection with the pineapple to give clients access to internet. Nothing else is hooked up to the device. Its pretty frustrating because I can get it all working, get a client on and start spoofing dns and everything, but after a couple min it just freezes up and everything is unresponsive and then shortly after that i cant even load the different pages so i have to unplug and replug to start all over. The even more frustrating part is that im living overseas so getting a replacement would mean crazy shipping fees or waiting for people to help bring it back and get a replacement sent so hopefully its not a hardware issue. I have seen another thread that started to address this where some people had the same problem but didnt see any answers and it was off topic so i wanted to start my own thread since people are having the same issue. Apparently this is my last post until my notarobot ban is lifted so hopefully people can shed some light on this as i have someone breathing down my neck for why i got him to drop 100$ and have no results yet Totally understand the hak5 guys are busy with lots of people's problems so ill try to be patient, not doubting that they care or anything. Its a huge forum
  11. I can get the nano up an running, turn on pine ap with all the boxes checked, can get my iphone to hook up as a client and can change splash page etc etc.. but on multiple computers i have tried the nano and it, sometimes after 5 min, sometimes 10 or 15 but never longer than that, will just stop working. If i try to recon scan it just freezes at 100% and if i try navigating to the dashboard all the boxes are blank and basically it all becomes unresponsive until reboot. I have tried factory reset multiple times and uploading the latest firmware again and it still happens. Anyone else having this problem or did i receive a dud? basically is okay if i can get the info i need in a couple min, but if i want to scan continuously or set up any of the modules then its pretty useless
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