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Problem with my pipe.....

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Struggling with using the Rubber Ducky on a UK keyboard. I'm using the encoder found here: https://github.com/hak5darren/USB-Rubber-Ducky/wiki/Downloads

The encoder seems to read the actual keystrokes pressed and not the characters used in the script. This is workable for most symbols as I can go through the script and press the US equivalent on the UK keyboard. I have however hit an issue with the pipe symbol because the equivalents on each keyboard don't exist. If I try to press the key that would be the equivalent to pipe on the UK keyboard it's the ENTER key because in the UK we have a double height ENTER key. Likewise, the key used for pipe on the UK keyboard is actually a double width SHIFT key on the US keyboard. I played with various solutions including trying to use the on-screen keyboard in US mode but no luck. Anyone got any idea other than buying a US keyboard?

I may be completely missing some key bit of info that may be obvious to others and I struggle to believe I'm the first to have this issue. I've searched the forum and although there's lots relating to keyboard layout issues but none of them match this issue.

Thanks in advanced.

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I want to say there is an option to choose the language choice in which you can put UK. Unfortunately I can't remember what it is but if you go to youtube and search for the hak5 video which talks about using the rubber ducky when it first came out and how to use the duck encoder they discuss it in that.

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