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Hi, i'm a Master student in electronics and i pretend to implement a SDR system however i'm still not sure if the best option would be buy or build one.

The major difficulty need for the system is the frequency range that must start on 10MHz at least.

I have looked for the Hack RF One, but i found out is necessary to apply an antenna to the device and in this case the frequency range will change. Do you know any possible adaptation to the Hack RF ONE to make it possible to have a frequency range starting closer to 10 MHz?

I have been also searching for the main builders like National Instruments and Ettus Research but the only option suitable it would be the USRP N200 with the daughterboard UBX40RF but the price will be like 2400$ :blink:

So i'm asking if you have any tip for use Hack RF in a frequency start about 10 MHz or if you know any other possibly suitable device.

In the case i don't find any suitable SDR device, i will try to build one so any for starting that it would be also a good help.


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cooper, thanks actually i'm gona buy it for having some fun at home it looks a really cool device comparing with the price :) But for the application i'm trying to develop i need a SDR that be able to transmit and receive in frequencies from at least 1-10 MHz with quality.

winter_soldier, the application it's for bio-medical purposes, what i need is to send a signal that will get a difference in the phase when going trough a human body and then be able to receive and measure that difference. But my problem is the most of available SDR boards able to transmit and reception are not in this frequency range or are really expensive like the USRP N200 with a daughter board.

If someone knows where to find some implementation for this kind of system it would be also a great help.

Thanks for the replies.

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