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MarkVI UI Suggestion - Notes


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I know the devs are all hard at work, slamming red bulls, missing sleep and Getting Shit Done. The next time you take a break and come up for air, I'd love your thoughts on this addition to the UI.

Field Notes. I'm often times reaching for scratch paper to write down my various MAC's (of my phone, my tablet, etc), so that I know which of the MACs I'm scanning are me and which are potential targets. Being able to copy/paste these macs directly into a "Notes" section would be huge. Also recording general info like "Target last seen at 12:30", "AP Scan of north building completed at 14:20", "Seeing more probes around 8:00am" etc. Having the Notes section persist through reboots would be key (store the content in a simple flat file should be sufficient)

At first I was thinking something like:


But then I was thinking, having the notes be available across all pages would be pretty dang nice too. Perhaps having it live in the menu bar would be best?


What do you guys think?


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