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Management AP?


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Hello, please excuse my ignorance but I am trying to figure out if you can connect through Management AP configured in the dashboard and do things through a direct WiFi connection?

Unfortunate I am disable by my phone to use the usb tether option, so the whole Pineapple connect app is useless, I can only make changes when connected through a computer which isn't always convenient.

Is there a way to use management ap for changes and running things? If so how can it be done? When I try default IP listed on the wifipineapple.com/nano site it doesn't work.


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When you setup the WiFi Pineapple you'll be prompted to specify an SSID and WPA passphrase for the management interface. Once configured you can connect to this access point to manage the WiFi Pineapple. For instance, when connecting from an Android device you'll join the WiFi Pineapple's network and be offered an IP address from DHCP in the 172.16.42.x range. Once associated you can then browse to the management web interface in the browser at

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This is probably obvious to many but I've recently started playing around with a Pineapple Nano and have tried configuring it through Windows 10, Kali 2017.1 rolling, and an iPhone (all via the wireless management AP).

Win10 and iOS connected to the Pineapple management AP without any issues or special configuration on their side.  Just browsed to and logged right in with the credentials I had previously configured over USB (per the Pineapple U tutorial vids).

On Kali, however, I could see the management AP on my list of WiFi networks and I could provide the WPA password, but Kali would give up trying to connect after a few seconds on each attempt.

The solution ended up being a simple one: in the network manager GUI, I had to configure the pineapple management AP WiFi network as "Link-Local Only" and deselect DNS.  Once I did that, it connected right up with no further issues.

I'm probably just a little slower than most but maybe someone will find this useful if they are just starting out with Kali and/or the Pineapple...

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