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  1. Gotcha, just posting feedback, thanks for the response
  2. I've noticed that with another usb wifi card plugged in, client mode seems to randomly start on its own and connect to things using wlan2 or 3. I keep clicking disconnect, and yet every time I return to the Networking page, it's connecting to something at random again. Because of this, it's killing off the PineAP settings (Allow + Log Associations, Probes) as well, though the daemon keeps running and everything is checked beneath it. Is this maybe caused by "Allow Associations" option? How I discovered this is by first seeing a new client connect, and when I go to check it out everything is a * and no host name, then I checked the wifi card itself and it was lit up and blinking.
  3. Can you explain how to share internet through the NANO connected via usb in Windows?
  4. Have also run into this using a RT5370 adapter. 1 Plugged in as wlan2 2 run a client mode scan, find a bunch of networks - unfortunately my hidden network doesn't show. 3 Tried an open network, it claimed to connect. 4 Refreshed the page and it had changed to wlan1, kicking off all PineAP functionality much like above posts. 5 Going to the PineAP page everything was unchecked except for daemon, which was still running somehow. Is there a way to manually specify a hidden WPA2 network with proper credentials? Seems that only OPEN networks are showing up, is WPA not possible for client mode or something?
  5. I have noticed that it does not happen every time. I only had my device for 2 days and it happened consistently with default settings after first to maybe third time using it. However I just powered it today and did what I normally do. 1 Enable PineAP daemon, check all the boxes and let it run. 2 Wait a little while, close browser or log out of dashboard. 3 Log back in, and up until today, every time it was disabled. Today it was not. Will keep attempting this and see if it happens again, maybe I can provide logs?
  6. Firefox latest version here, no plugins, completely stock. Every time I log back into the Dashboard the Pine settings are unchecked. Tested in private mode to make sure cookies weren't stored or something and it still happened. Though I had to close browser, open it, start new private tab and log in, everything unchecked in PineAP Configuration section. When it had just run before closing the browser.
  7. Hello, please excuse my ignorance but I am trying to figure out if you can connect through Management AP configured in the dashboard and do things through a direct WiFi connection? Unfortunate I am disable by my phone to use the usb tether option, so the whole Pineapple connect app is useless, I can only make changes when connected through a computer which isn't always convenient. Is there a way to use management ap for changes and running things? If so how can it be done? When I try default IP listed on the wifipineapple.com/nano site it doesn't work. thanks
  8. you don't need Linux for that. download putty for windows (putty.org) for the ssh step listed above, and continue with steps.
  9. I have this with many of the PineAP settings as well... when I go back to the page after looking through other sections, it's reverted. Same with date and timezone.
  10. I'm having a bit of trouble getting into the web management interface when connecting via WiFi to the Management AP, is browsing to the only way to do so? Having tried this it doesn't work, removing the port gives me a 403 error on the page, so at least it's getting somewhere...
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