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Script kiddy - dhclient


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Hello all,

First of all, great work on the PineApple nano everything is great and I am new to this community and I can say that I love the way how everything has been setup, kudos also to the webdeveloper and to the people who make the design and PR.

I got a script kiddy's question, sorry..

Because the modules are still in development and there is no exact date of when they will be available I am transferring some of my home made scripts to the Nano.

However, I got stuck on 1 command line as dhclient isn't available in the nano and I love to ssh to it and do my commands.

Does anyone knows away of how to obtain an IP address once I am connected to a wifi network with the cmd "iwconfig wlan1 essid Welcome"?

It is an open network in my home, yes I will add encryption later but first thing first, start with the basics.

Normally I use "dhclient wlan1" but DHCLIENT isn't added in the Nano ( firmware 1.0.1 )

Specific Questions:

1. Does anyone knows of how to obtain an IP address manually ( I know I can connect via they GUI, but I want it via the terminal.. )

2. If there is no way, would you then please add the dhclient command to the new firmware build?

Thanks again.



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I don't have my nano handy, but you should be able to install dhclient easy enough.

opkg update

opkg install dhclient

You can of course assign a manual IP address to the interface, with ifconfig wlan1 123.456.789.123 netmask

Hope that helps!


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Try udhcpc :rolleyes:

root@Pineapple:~# udhcpc --help
BusyBox v1.23.2 (2015-08-21 19:26:26 PDT) multi-call binary.

Usage: udhcpc [-fbqRB] [-t N] [-T SEC] [-A SEC/-n]
        [-i IFACE] [-s PROG] [-p PIDFILE]
        [-oC] [-r IP] [-V VENDOR] [-F NAME] [-x OPT:VAL]... [-O OPT]...

        -i,--interface IFACE    Interface to use (default eth0)
        -s,--script PROG        Run PROG at DHCP events (default /usr/share/udhc                                                                                                                                                             pc/default.script)
        -p,--pidfile FILE       Create pidfile
        -B,--broadcast          Request broadcast replies
        -t,--retries N          Send up to N discover packets (default 3)
        -T,--timeout SEC        Pause between packets (default 3)
        -A,--tryagain SEC       Wait if lease is not obtained (default 20)
        -n,--now                Exit if lease is not obtained
        -q,--quit               Exit after obtaining lease
        -R,--release            Release IP on exit
        -f,--foreground         Run in foreground
        -b,--background         Background if lease is not obtained
        -S,--syslog             Log to syslog too
        -r,--request IP         Request this IP address
        -o,--no-default-options Don't request any options (unless -O is given)
        -O,--request-option OPT Request option OPT from server (cumulative)
        -x OPT:VAL              Include option OPT in sent packets (cumulative)
                                Examples of string, numeric, and hex byte opts:
                                -x hostname:bbox - option 12
                                -x lease:3600 - option 51 (lease time)
                                -x 0x3d:0100BEEFC0FFEE - option 61 (client id)
        -F,--fqdn NAME          Ask server to update DNS mapping for NAME
        -V,--vendorclass VENDOR Vendor identifier (default 'udhcp VERSION')
        -C,--clientid-none      Don't send MAC as client identifier
        USR1    Renew lease
        USR2    Release lease

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