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Sending HID through LAN Turtle?


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So I was just thinking about this. What if we could remotely type keyboard commands on the pc that the turtle is connected to via usb? USB rubber ducky style, except through the Internet instead of a pre-configured payload. Think of the possibilities! You could control it realtime through ssh to the turtle, or you could automate it. If all the network traffic is flowing through the ducky, it could detect when the user is most active on the computer. It could detect which operating system it is running by analyzing the traffic. It could even detect which programs are used on the pc. Then, according to all of that data, it could execute an appropriate payload at the time it detects the pc is unused. I doubt that this is possible with the current turtle. But it would be easy to implement on a mark ii. A simple atmega chip would take up very little space on the board and a simple 2 port usb hub chip would allow the Ethernet chip and the microcontroller to be connected simultaneously. Then you could run a serial line from the mcu to the processor. It would be super easy to implement and a killer feature. You could even routinely send a f15 to make sure the pic doesn't fall asleep and interrupt your connection. The majority of Pc mobos/psus(not exactly sure which component is responsible here but afaik it's the mobo.) don't supply use power while asleep/off so it could suddenly disconnect you from the network when the secretary powering your turtle goes on her lunch break.

Just an idea, but I would love for it to be implemented(unless it's already possible and this post was a total waste.)

P.S. Sorry for any weird spelling or mistakes. Autocorrect on the iPad is truely useless.

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After thinking about this a cool mix would be to have the nano work as a ducky plug in have it read as 2 devices a network adapter and a keyboard plug in run ducky script then run as network adapter having turtle accessible entries

They could combine all 3 into one mega pine turtle duck

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